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About us

Factory Locations

Our major production takes place in our Tirupur factory, Where our head office is located in Coimbatore. Whereas some of the lines are being manufactured under our constant supervision in partner factories all over South India.


Needle Art factories are equipped to meet the growing international demand for garments with higher value added services such as sewing machines, computerized embroidery, screen printing, transfer printing, garment washing for complete range of all garment process (Garment dyeing, Cold pigment dyeing, Acid wash etc).

Current capability

Needle Art is specialized in knit wear products with a capacity of over 20,000 pcs per month and producing a wide range including T-Shirts, Polos, Pyjamas, Skirts, Frocks, Rombers, Jumbsuits, leggings, cargo shorts, pants and inner wears for all age groups.

The concept

We are well-established, respected and fast moving company manufacturing and sourcing knit garments to the international apparel industry for a growing international brands.