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Our dedicated working style

Quality Assurance

Production and Quality Control

We adopt a proactive approach to quality assurance. Our quality control begins before goods are in actual bulk production. During production, every product we source is inspected for adherence to customer specification and delivery schedule. Protecting confidentiality, we respect and strictly guard each of our customer's designs.

Quality Standard :

Implementing requisite quality standards. Monitoring pilot production on-line. Working with suppliers to improve production standared. Testing raw materials and final products upon requested std. Using AQL final control Procedures to ensure saleable product at delivery.


We do fabric testing and lab dip through SGS which has been the most preferred partner and we share its report with you to be sure about the quality. Our QC process is very robust which follow multi-level quality control starting from sampling stage to sewing stage. The final QC process take place just before the packing.

AQL Standards
Zero tollerance

Zero tollerance when it comes to fitment of a garment and meeting specification of given design. Stringent quality controls from prototyping to bulk production are maintained. AQL standards are set by our buyers and we work hard to achieve the same. Because your customer deserves nothing but quality.

Skilled Manpower
Total Quality Management

Our excellency rests in superior quality with the help of skilled manpower.We believe and practise total quality management (TQM) which is a combination of quality control and quality assurance.

Compliance Certified
Eco Standards

The company has been conferred certificates like Oeko Tex, OE-100, GOTS, ISO, WRAP and SA 8000 for quality management, environmental management and social accountability management. Complinace Certified Garment Factory Govt Recognized Export House Full Fledged Dyeing House with RO Plant.