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Our knitting division is equipped with Mayer&Cie and Terrot machines imported from Germany. For autostripes we have Terrot - Germany.


Our advanced fabric dyeing division uses modern soft-flow dyeing machines that maintain colour fastness and shade consistency. Thies machines from Germany.


Fad and rugged look is the fashion motif of current time. Pigment dyeing is not dyeing, it's a hand made process. Whereas garment dyeing machine made process which gives a vintage look for the garment.


RAMSONS Garment Washing Machine helps to handle garment washes like Enzyme wash, Bio wash, Bio-enzyme, Silicon wash, Acid wash, Roll wash, Crush wash, Stone wash, Denium wash, Acid spray wash.


Shrinkage control is achieved by the compacting machine imported from Tubetex , USA. It maintains the shrinkage control to below 5% meeting all international standards.


Cutting division is equipped with straight knife and Band knife cutting machines from "Wastema" & "CUT & FIT".


The printing division is equipped with chest printing machines of 6 nos., MHM automatic machines upto 12 colours, and table printing 120 feet 2 nos.


Our Embroidery division installed with Barudan 2 machine. We capable of doing Plain, Appliqu├ęs, Puff, Sequence embroidery with an installed capacity of 2,000 pcs per day.


For stitching of garments we have 60 machines. The over lock and flat machines are from Pegasus, Japan and lock stitch from Juki, Japan.


Our checking division starts the flow of functional activities with 100% checking done by the skilled and trainned workers.


Ironing unit is equipped with taken in the finishing highly sophisticated vacuum stream pressing machine. After pressing the garment goes for final packing.


The packaging unit takes care of the packing process. Here garments are neatly packed with utmost care. Once the packaging is done, the garments are sorted out for shipping.